Amok and Amok Festival

Amok continues in 2016! More gamelan, geoscience, spices and global relevance.

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DECEMBER 4-6, 2015

AMOK FESTIVAL '15—a weekend festival devoted to colliding cultures and seismic shifts seen thru the lens of Indonesia. Multimedia Performance—Gamelan Music—Food—Dance—Film! December 4-6 at Links Hall, 3111 N Western Ave.

AMOK FESTIVAL '15 springs out of Karen Yates’s multimedia ensemble show Amok that investigates the colonial spice trade and geoscience. Invited featured artists also interpret the themes thru dance, music, and spoken word. Other festival highlights: a gamelan concert by Friends of the Gamelan; documentary film screenings by Matt Dunning; dinner prepared by chef Chris Reed of The Rice Table.


DEC 4-6 FRI-SAT-SUN, 7pm: AMOK, a new multimedia performance work by Karen Yates, about the Dutch spice trade in Indonesia, geoscience, and personal disruptions, performed by Yates, Aurora Adachi-Winter, Brian Barber, Bryan Bosque, Thomas Dixon, Carrie Drapac, with members of Friends of the Gamelan. $25. INCLUDES featured artist performances:
-Composer Eric Reda’s new work “Krakatoa” for voice, percussion, and toy instruments
-Playwright-musician Ruth Margraff’s new work “Ambergris/Apothecary” with musician Nikos Brisco and ensemble, inspired by 19th c. trade and the whaling industry
-Dancers Jessica Marasa, Ginger Krebs, and Bryan Saner performing improvisatory dance, based on tectonic theory
(SUNDAY performance includes 5:30-6:30pm screening of 3 Indonesian documentaries by NY filmmaker Matt Dunning.)

SATURDAY DEC 5, 2:30pm-6:30pm GAMELAN CONCERT-DANCE-FILM-DINNER $45 (w/ dinner) Afternoon $25 (w/o dinner. Walk-up tickets only)
-JAVANESE GAMELAN RAVE: concert by Chicago’s Friends of the Gamelan -Traditional Javanese music and dance, featuring Indonesian master musician Heri Purwanto;
-Composer Christian Priebe performing electronic music based on gamelan
-Modern Dance with dancer Emma Draves
-NY filmmaker Matt Dunning screening of his documentary Sekaten, about modern gamelan in Java by with Q & A afterward.
5pm-6:30pm-A Dutch-Indonesian DINNER at 5pm prepared by chef Chris Reed of The Rice Table. Sizzle your senses with an exotic blend of spices (meat and vegetarian).

Ticket package also available for Saturday 5pm Dinner followed by 7pm Amok performance. Festival passes for entire weekend available!

Fest sponsors: The Rice Table and Friends of the Gamelan

Fest has been sponosered in part by 3Arts Project and generous donors.



 AMOK continued its development this past summer at the Chicago Cultural Center as part of the Dept of Cultural Affairs' In the Works Residency program.

The residency showing concentrated on the ensemble’s new process around devising performance, using Arnold Mindell’s body-based Processwork as a way to access image. Other prompts include “Wave,” the 2004 tsunami memoir by Sonali Deraniyagala, and the recent New Yorker article on the Northwest US Cascadia Subduction zone, “The Really Big One,” by Kathryn Schulz.

Performers: Bryan Bosque, Carrie Drapac, Karen Yates, Thomas Dixon. Associate Producer: Olivia Junell


"The quantity of treasure in Java is beyond all computation." Marco Polo's words fueled a 300-year European race for spices and economic power, culminating in brutal Dutch corporate rule in Indonesia. But the region's unstable Ring of Fire, with its mighty Krakatoa volcano, was the greater force with which to be reckoned...

Here are scenes from the September 2014 workshop performances at Links Hall, concluding a 6-month residency. 


This workshop is the first phase in the development of a multimedia work examining the forces of commerce, interdependence, and the natural world.

Written and directed by Karen Yates Performed by: Bryan Bosque, Rinska Carrasco Prestinary, Carrie Drapac, Luis Crespo. Sound design: Thomas Dixon. Gamelan music director: Peter Ludwig. Dramaturgy: Molly Mullen. Costumes: Darcy Hofer. Devised by: Bryan Bosque, Rinska Carrasco Prestinary, Luis Crespo, Thomas Dixon, Carrie Drapac,  Molly Mullen, Mike Steele, Karen Yates



                                                                                                                                                                                                  (photos:Bill Frederking )

Text and sound piece ('fish flopping') for Amok began at the Caldera art residency in Sisters, Ore.

The LinkUP development is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.