Biofield Tuning Testimonials

“Karen Yates is a wonder. I've done both in person and distance Biofield Tuning sessions with her, and each were equally as powerful. I could easily feel the frequency of sound moving through my body and breaking up energetic blockages. No other work that I've done has felt as if it was unearthing a decades-old injury. I LOVE this modality and working with Karen. You will be thoroughly amazed by what is possible.”  ~Carrie, age 34

“I've come to understand energy healing with Karen as a new, important component in support of my well-being; there are some things our bodies have trouble welcoming or letting go of no matter how much yoga, positive self talk, and massage therapy we try. After two sessions, I felt noticeably freer and lighter. Karen made me feel at ease and worked in a guiding, intuitive manner. I left my sessions feeling as if I had just returned from a meaningful journey.” ~Harriet, age 51

“Karen is a truly talented interdisciplinary healer. She deeply listens to the stories the body holds. She's excellent at describing to you exactly what's happening with clarity and complete neutrality, creating a safe environment. She creates space for the receiver to collaborate in the session and makes sure that you understand the process as it happens. I've done both in person and long distance sessions with Karen and have had optimal results!” ~Lindsay, age 32

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