Artist Statement

The subjects of economic hierarchy and power form the core of my practice. I consider them to be the most important issues of our day, as their impact can be felt in all major world problems: environmental devastation, war, poverty, and the slave labor systems that form the ugly underpinnings of global trade.

Regardless of the medium in which I work, predominantly stage, sound, and word, my art attempts to break the waking slumber in which we find ourselves, due to both the seamless ongoing media spectacle in everyday life and subjugating historical forces.

By colliding various elements--digital sound, text, movement, and historical fact—I create intense juxtapositions that expose doorways to the unexamined human experience. Through these disorienting moments audiences can consider their bedrock assumptions. I enjoy investigating the tension that occurs between society’s fixed conventions and systems, and the chaotic forces both within the self and in the world.