Biofield Tuning Session Types, Hours, and Rates

In-Person Hours:

9am-5pm, Friday and Saturday at my Logan Square Studio. (Near Fullerton and Milwaukee in Chicago.)

Remote Sesssion Hours:

Day or Evening. Flexible hours. The session is done live and we communicate via phone, WhatsApp, or FB Messenger, depending on where you live. And I've done sessions with people all over the world! I am in the US Central Time Zone.

Session Rates:

Biofield Tuning In-person Session, 75 min, $120

Excellent for both specific ailments and to increase general well being. During a session, the client reclines on a massage table fully clothed. Biofield Tuning occurs in the area several feet around the body. Occasionally the tuning forks are placed on the body directly.

Biofield Tuning Remote Session, 70 min, $100

Distance sessions occur in real time. I communicate with the client over speakerphone. You receive all of the benefits of an in-person Biofield Tuning session. (Session fee is less due to no travel necessary! Great for reducing our carbon footprint!)

Package Rates:

Prepay on 3 in-person sessions, save $40!

At least 3 Biofield Tuning sessions are recommended to create ongoing change.


I take cash, credit cards via Square (with a $5 addl processing fee), PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and Chase QuickPay.

Biofield Tuning Group Sessions

I now do regular group tunings every 8 weeks incorporating different focuses and areas to treat. Check this site for times and dates.

Biofield Tuning also works in other capacities!

Animal Sessions

Animals respond very well to Biofield Tuning. Contact me for rates.

Land and Building Clearing Sessions

Biofield Tuning is very effective for clearing dense and unpleasant energy from your home, office, and land. Contact me for rates. During home clearings, I'm happy to tune your indoor plants as they will respond with extraordinary results!

Contact me at brilliant1vitality (at)