Somatic Sex Education

Somatic Sex Education

I believe that people can guide themselves toward sexual healing with the support of an attentive, compassionate, non-judgmental guide. My training at the Institute for the Study of Somatic Sexology, my work in tantra yoga, recovery/12-step work, and also movement-based theater has led me to understand that the body wants to move toward balance and wholeness. We just have to allow it to do so.

What is Somatic Sex Education?

It is a method using many tools - self-inquiry, coaching, gentle touch, body-based exercises, home investigation - to return a person to their body. Pleasure expansion, better body awareness and noticing, ability to set and know boundaries, and trauma release are several outcomes that may occur. Scar remediation can be another aspect of the work.

The work is client-driven, not practictioner-driven, meaning the client leads the session. The practicioner does not impose actions on the client without their consent or desire.

Who Do I Work With?

  • Couples (all orientations and gender expressions)

The Services I Offer

Based on an intake call, I determine the scope of the work. Two to five sessions is the most clients usually need, although it can vary. To be clear: This work does not include 2-way touch and is NOT a type of sex surrogacy. CURRENTLY I AM NO LONGER TAKING NEW CLIENTS.

Some methods include:

Consent work for couples and singles is useful when people cannot articulate their sexual needs either to themselves or a partner. It's an effective method to help people find their voice.

Masturbation Coaching helps people understand their bodies better and develop an erotic relationship with themselves. It also helps with porn dependence or inability to orgasm. Work can be done remotely.

Pleasure mapping is useful when a person has trouble being in their bodies or has transitioned to a different gender. It greatly aids presence in one's body.

Scar remediation helps when there is scarring in the tailbone or pelvic or abdominal area. Adhesions formed by scars can dramatically impact a person's ability to experience pleasure and may make sex painful. Gently working on scars can loosen tissue, help dissolve keloids, and aid sexual experiences. Very helpful with top or bottom surgeries as a way to own one's new identity!

How to contact me:

Contact me at brilliant1vitality(at)


I charge $160/hr for individuals. Rates for couples and scar remediation rates vary.


I work in Logan Square, Chicago. My hours are Friday and Saturday, typically, but can vary.