American Bacchae Infrasonic - Sound

American Bacchae Infrasonic - Sound
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    American Bacchae Infrasonic: Arrival

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    American Bacchae Infrasonic: Terminus

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    American Bacchae Infrasonic: Danger

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    American Bacchae Infrasonic: Greenskeeper

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    American Bacchae Infrasonic: Westus

Best listened to in this order using headphones:

WESTUS (4:09)  Actors: John Starrs (Westus); Antonio Brunetti (young Westus)

ARRIVAL (4:42) Actors: Kevin Cox (the Quaker); Minita Gandhi, Ilana Faust, Inna Karpov (Free Wheelers)

DANGER (6:37)  Actors: David Marcotte, Antonio Brunetti, Karen Yates (Reporters); Kevin Cox (Mayor Raymond Monroe, son of Agatha)

GREENSKEEPER (4:06) Actor: Dmitri Peskov (Greenskeeper)

TERMINUS (5:22)  Actors: Karen Yates (Agatha Monroe,  mother of Mayor Raymond Monroe); David Marcotte (Panther/Mayor Raymond Monroe); Sarah Pretz, Karen Yates (Free Wheelers); Joe Beal (SWAT team leader)

American Bacchae Infrasonic is a five-part audio series based on my stage play, American Bacchae

Combining sound and the voices of Chicago actors, the series is an abstract interpretation of the play's text in order to elicit images and ideas that might remain hidden otherwise.

Mastered at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, by Alex Inglizian.

Exhibited at Wang Xin's The Gallery, February 20, 2014 in Beijing, China

Official Selection, 8th Annual Streaming Festival of Audio Visual Art,

Dec 1-15, 2013, streaming from The Hague, The Netherlands

This project was generously funded by the Albert P. Weisman Award at Columbia College Chicago.